Why Education ERP is needed in Educational Institutions-[4 Undeniable truth]

Education ERP (or Student Information System) is one technology that is benefitting Colleges, Schools, Universities. But not every educational institute agree that they need it. So here the 4 reasons why your institutes should use ERP software.

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3 min readJul 9, 2019

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Among 1.3 million schools, 800+ universities, 40K+ colleges, and more than 12K stand-alone institutes (only in India), what is unique about your institute? What are you offering that others not?

Every year hundreds of educational institutions are being added to the system, but not all of them following what parents and students want. They want a quality education with modern management system with better convenience.

Educational ERP is one technology that is benefitting many institutes along with students and parents. But not every educational institute agree that they need it. So here I am sharing my study on why your institute should use ERP software.


Return on investment is crucial when you are spending a whopping amount of money to run an institution. Educational institutions spend a lot on stationery, admission processes, campaigning, and administration processes. All these processes are manual that takes time and prone to errors, thereby decreasing the productivity of the institute.

A robust Educational ERP software can automate all these processes and minimize manual intervention.

Though the implementation of software is costly, it is a one time cost that is going to decrease operational cost and increase the ROI of the institute in the long run. With ERP software no. of man-hours decreases by tremendous numbers that lead to time-saving and ultimately cost-saving.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the future of education, and it is already spreading its web in this sector. People are no more afraid of technology, in fact, they trust the organization more if it is equipped with advanced technology and provide the same benefits to its customers. In this era of cutting-edge competition, there are schools, colleges, and universities in every corner. But do parents want this kind of education system? NO.

Parents want an educational institute with a sophisticated administration system with modern technology for their children. Educational ERP can bring the digital transformation that parents are looking for. It gives you leverage over your competitors. It can automate complete administration processes in your institute. From admission to course completion to alumni record, everything can be handled with this ERP software. It can simplify long and complicated admission process, planning and management, student enrollment, lectures, courses, customer care.

Centralized System

Wouldn’t it be easier if you can get data of all your students, employee every book your institute ever had; from one place? No need to go to an old and dusty shelf to look for a single mark sheet of a student.

Educational ERP integrates the whole campus of your institute. Every external and internal communication become convenient. Not only it fills the communication gap among internal departments, but it also gives the sophistication to teachers, parents, and students to connect, to stay updated with every notification via their online portals. It provides your institute administrative transparency that builds the trust of parents and students on you.

With integrated ERP software, any department can access any piece of information from one platform. Admission department can easily communicate with the accounting department if there is a fee due to students. You can hold admit card, promotion of student due to low attendance or outstanding fee.

Data Safety & Security

It is not a shock that educational institutions keep millions of records, and they have to maintain it. They keep records of ongoing academic years, alumni, teachers, and all other resources that were ever there in the institute. Managing these records physically is neither secure nor smart. ERP software can store all massive amount of information with safety. Not only it can backup them to preserve it you can also access it anytime you need.

In India, not only educational institutes are increasing, but also technology is advancing. It is redefining the way institutes handles their operations.

What is your thought on that?

Should educational institutions use education ERP?

This blog was originally posted on https://www.academiaerp.com/4-undeniable-reasons-why-educational-institutions-should-use-erp-software/



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