Which are the Top 10 Popular Chains of Schools in India?

In recent years, there has been a positive development in the growth of the private chain of schools in India against a background of nationwide persecution of privately promoted schools, overwhelmingly preferred by the middle class.

1. Ryan International Group of Institutions, Mumbai

Established: 1976
Number of schools: 137
Affiliation: CBSE/CISCE/IB/CAIE/state boards
Aggregate enrolment: 270,000
Faculty: 16,000
Geographical spread: 40 cities in 16 states

2. Podar Education Network, Mumbai

Established: 1927
Number of schools: 124 + 350 preschools
Affiliation: CBSE/CISCE/IB/state board/Cambridge International
Aggregate enrolment: 150,000
Faculty: 6,800
Geographical spread: 9 states

3. Billabong High International Schools, Mumbai

Established: 2000
Number of schools: 30
Aggregate enrolment: 20,000
Affiliation: CISCE/CBSE/Cambridge International
Geographical spread: 21 cities

4. VIBGYOR Group, Mumbai

Established: 2004
Number of schools: 33
Affiliation: CBSE/CISCE/Cambridge International
Aggregate enrolment: 48,000
Faculty: 6,000
Geographical spread: 9 cities

5. Presidency Group, Bangalore

Established: 1976
Number of schools: 7
Affiliation: CBSE/CISCE
Aggregate enrolment: 15,000
Faculty: 1,100
Geographical spread: 2 cities

6. Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools, Bhopal

Established: 1991
Number of schools: 156
Affiliation: CBSE/state boards
Aggregate enrolment: 102,500
Faculty: 6,500
Geographical spread: 126 cities

7. Kendriya Vidyalayas, Delhi

Established: 1962
Number of schools: 1,204
Affiliation: CBSE
Aggregate enrolment: 1.27 million
Faculty: 45,477
Geographical spread: 29 states and seven Union territories

8. Vidya Bharati Schools, Lucknow

Established: 1952
Number of schools: 13,067
Aggregate enrolment: 3.4 million
Faculty: 150,190
Affiliation: CBSE/state boards/NIOS
Geographical spread: 29 states

9. DAV Schools

Established: 1886
Number of schools: 900+ schools
Aggregate enrolment: 2 million
Faculty: 50,000
Geographical spread: All states and abroad

10. Delhi Public School Society

Established: 1941
Number of schools: 205 in India, 11 abroad
Geographical spread: All states and abroad

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