What is the Impact of Privatization in The Indian Education Sector?

Just after independence, the education sector was on the top priority for the country and several initiatives were taken up by the government of India to provide education to the masses.

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  • NGOs (non-government organizations): Under this type of ownership, organizations help in providing education to the segmented sections like women, disabled, rural and urban people
  • Religious bodies: Under this type of ownership, religious organizations such as Buddhist monasteries, Vidyapeeth’s, Christian missionaries, The Khalsa group, Arya Samaj, Ram Krishna mission promotes education
  • Corporate houses: Under this type of ownership, corporate houses like the Tatas, the Birla’s, the Reliance group etc. are actively involved in providing education
  • Changing Social Needs: With a constant change in societal norms. The number of people graduating from government institutions is nowhere close to private institutions.
  • Quality of Education: It is a well-known fact that the quality of education offered by government schools does not match that of private schools. Hence, there exists the craze for private schools and the consequent increase in their number.
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  • Quality of Education: It is a general notion that private schools provide quality education when compared to the government schools. But when it comes to the higher and professional education such notions do take a flip. As there are private institutions that offer quality education but seldom they are the first choice of those who top the merit lists.
  • Commercialization of Education: Many private educational institutions charge hefty fees with students not getting the full value for their money. Such educational institutions are mainly for reaping money out of students.

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