What are the Major Challenges faced by Educational Institutions?

Even though the education sector is growing, institutions are facing a number of challenges in various categories. In this article, we look at the major challenges in education management and how Academia Institute Management System can help overcome them.

Campus management productivity

Student Retention & Student Success

Academia ERP

Institute & Student data security

Academia ERP is a cloud-based solution that gives endless flexibility as compared to hardware configurations. The data is encrypted with high security which is only accessible with authentic login credentials. Not only that, with cloud hosting it manages back up service and offers disaster recovery options in case the servers fail due to any particular reasons.

Parent-Teachers-Student Communication

Academia mobile app and parent/student/faculty portal make it easier for everyone to check their respective information as and when needed. Also with email/SMS notifications, parents get prompt updates about their children.

Cost-saving Management

Academia ERP can help the institute manage its cost-effectively by minimizing stationary costs, paper costs, printing & mailing costs, hardware costs, etc. Investment in education ERP helps in high ROI not immediately but definitely. With timely decision making, proper management, and complete automation, an institute can save time and money. This will result in increased ROI in the long run.

Teachers & Staff time management

Academia campus management system provides a complete solution for institutions. It is specifically designed for education management by keeping the requirements in check. It is integrated with all the major softwares to make academic management coherent and simple.

Academia ERP/ SIS is a comprehensive suite that streamlines the complete student life cycle from Enquiry to Graduation as well as administrative processes.

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