What are the Key Benefits of a Student Management System

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3 min readJan 31, 2020

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Student Management System (SMS) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can also be integrated with other softwares to help the organization in smooth and efficient management. It is a web/cloud-based software, which centralizes the data and helps multiple users access it through a single platform.

Users can be administrators, students, teachers, parents or anyone with the login credentials. The Student ERP software is feature-rich and equipped with cutting edge technologies. It helps in managing the complete student life-cycle from admission to course completion. The higher education software (Student Information System) helps in the placement process too.

From time-saving to cost-cutting and easing the management processes, Academia Student Management System (SMS) has many advantages, here are the key benefits:

  • Least manual intervention

Humans are prone to errors and manual processes involve a lot of time. The use of technology is to minimize mistakes and achieve more with less time and effort.

Implementation of this software in the educational institution reduces manual intervention thereby saving time and speeding decisions.

  • Single platform solution

For efficient and proper management, it is crucial that all the departments within an organization connect and collaborate smoothly. To achieve this, institutions must have a central database system, a single platform, through which all departments can connect, share and access all the information whenever they need.

Student Management System does the same for educational institutions thus offering ease and convenience through digital transformation.

  • Improved parent-teacher communication

In today’s time when both parents are working professionals, it’s a difficult task for them to make time to visit their child’s school or involve in academic activities. This software helps them connect with teachers remotely and stay abreast of their child’s progress.

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Moreover, it also helps in improving student-teacher communication. With the faculty portal, teachers can carry out attendance marking, assignment uploads, assess students’ work, and manage many other academic activities.

  • Better transparency

With improved communication within departments and all the stakeholders of the institute, the authenticity, credibility, and transparency of the institute increases. Access to information and its exchange plays a crucial role in developing a better management system.

With the help of the Student Management System, you don’t have to enter anything manually and waste long hours in creating excel sheets. This software enables you to access all the information within a few seconds and minimizes errors, that would not have been possible without such a system in place.

  • Student security

The security of their children is the main concern for parents. They want to be aware of their kids’ whereabouts. This software has a biometric integration for attendance that simplifies complete attendance management. It informs parents/guardians via SMS or email if a student misses a class. Also, it comes with transport management through which parents can track the location of their children when they have left on the bus for school or home.

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  • Data security

The traditional methods of storing documents are prone to risks of data loss. It can be by physical damage, theft or an accident.

With the use of management software, administrators can minimize that risk to the lowest. All the data is saved on the server which is encrypted with security and only a user with login credentials can access it.

  • Faster academic processes

Automation of educational institutions acts as a catalyst that accelerates the entire process flow. With proper management, integrated departments and improved communication, it speeds up administrative functioning. It simplifies almost all the manual processes and reduces the turnaround time.

Don’t miss out on the above-mentioned benefits of a Student Management System. Know more with a free demo now!

This story was originally published on https://www.academiaerp.com/7-key-benefits-of-a-student-management-system/



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