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Academia Institute Management System

What are the Benefits of Academia Institute Management [Module Guide 101]

With 20+ modules and configurable features, Academia by Serosoft is an award-winning institute management system that is helping thousands of educators and students across 10 countries.

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Campus Setup

This feature particularly manages the setup and information related to the college administration. The module can create as well as simultaneously manage several academic departments. Being customizable, it’s terminologies, underlying features and labels can be changed or modified based on the institute’s needs. In the case of institutions managing several campuses, the campus setup can also efficiently separate a set of terminologies for each one of them.

Pre-admission/Admission Management

As the name suggests, this module primarily creates and manages admission applications for the institution. It lets students apply through the online application form facility on the institute’s website along with managing the application form sale and generating an offer letter.

Program & Course Management

One of the most vital modules for any institution, this one creates and manages the plethora of programs & courses offered by different departments in a college. Managing them includes defining the credits, hours and sections for the programs as well as setting up limits for programs being offered within a semester. It also maps programs & courses with respect to the sessions, i.e. programs offered within a session and with respect to courses, i.e programs offered within a course.

Academia Institute Management System’s features simplify, centralize and organize the management system. With a single database system and integration of departments, it allows information to flow seamlessly. This lets decision-makers to monitor, control processes and efficiently manage with 24*7 access to data.

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Academia ERP/ SIS is a comprehensive suite that streamlines the complete student life cycle from Enquiry to Graduation as well as administrative processes.

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