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What are the 5 reasons for student attrition and how to address it?

Institutes can take the help of technologies for a better Institute Management System, that can surely improve academic operations, increase teacher involvement, and ensure student success.

Here are some stats related to the issue:

In the USA around 1.2 million students drop out of high school annually, where the graduation rank is 19th globally. In India, out of 100 students, only 70 students reach senior secondary. The enrollment rate in India is 23%, in the USA 87%, and 39% in the UK.

Financial problems

Less quality time with educators

The low student-teacher ratio, especially in higher education is a prevalent problem in India. The current ratio is 24:1, lower than Brazil, China, Canada, and Russia.

De-motivating institute environment

Lack of student-engagement activity, carelessness towards student attendance, outdated syllabus, orthodox teaching methods are some of the examples which lead to a demotivating institute environment.

  1. No one cared if I attended.
  2. Teacher and school problems.
  3. School environment

Poor administrative management

Institute management plays an important role in students’ academic journey. Ease of documentation processes, on-time access to information, better connectivity between management and students brings a positive perspective towards the institute.

Lack of student support

Student support is an important factor that parents and students often skip checking during admissions, and institutes also do not give much emphasis on.



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