What are Features of Academia Student Information System that Educators Like The Most

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4 min readAug 11, 2020
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An education management information system is becoming a necessity for educational institutions. Whether it is a college, university, school, or training institution, everyone needs a system that can bring digital transformation in their institution and simplifies their day to day tasks.

Academia by Serosoft is an award-winning institution that is benefiting 220+ institutions around the globe, powering educators to bring a better, faster, efficient, and productive education management system.

After intensive research and talking to our clients, we got to know that among 20+ modules, few of them are the most favorite of educators, and the staff is getting enormous benefits from these modules.

Here are four of the Academia ERP modules that they like the most:

Online Admission Management

Today’s students are digital natives, and they prefer everything online rather than standing in lines. From clothing to food everything is deliverable to them via the internet. Even learning and education experiences are also becoming more and more global and available to students on their demand. Then why taking admissions to their favorite college/university should remain outdated?

Many famous educational institutions have already gone digital in the admission process. From admission campaign to inquiry management, student applications, entrance exams, everything is now available online. Academia Student Management System is one such solution that is enabling institutions to bring automated admissions in their academic management. It helps educators and staff to manage all the admission processes online in a seamless manner. It also assists in measuring targets, comparing them from previous years, and analyzing the data so that they can understand what works best for them.

Now let’s see how managing inquiries from students became a lot easier with Academia.

Inquiry management with Academia AI Chatbot

What if you could save the staff time from handling 24X7 hr questions from prospective students? What if it is not limited to only the working hours of your institute? Wouldn’t that be more productive?

All this and much more is possible with Academia AI Chatbot. This School Management System integrates this chatbot on your institute’s website where students can ask whatever they want related to admissions, courses, etc. This chatbot will answer all the queries of students and save it in an excel sheet where you can keep track of it to take the follow up in the future.

Report management with Smart Analytics

Educational institutions usually have endless paperwork, reporting, documentation, etc. There is no way to stop it, but there is a way to manage it. With the digitization of academic processes, it becomes way more comfortable and time-saving to generate reports, keep track of every document whenever and wherever needed.

Academia Campus ERP enables educators to organize that reporting system seamlessly. With the integration of the smart analytics system, it assists staff to generate reports within a few clicks. As it is a centralized student database system, it becomes super convenient to use some filters, gather data from other departments, and generate reports within seconds — no need to do data entry for hours. The reporting system of Academia is available in different charts & bar graphs, which helps education leaders analysis and thereby faster decision making.

Interoperability with multiple software solutions

According to the fundamental definition of interoperability

Interoperability is a characteristic of a product or system, whose interfaces are completely understood, to work with other products or systems, at present or in the future, in either implementation or access, without any restrictions.

Or simply;

Interoperability is an understanding of the software to work with other software programs now or in the future. It is useful in when

  • It is not possible to configure everything in one software.
  • A customer wants to use previous software which they are familiar with.
  • A customer wants some functionality that is not available in the current version.

Then, with the interoperability feature, vendors can integrate another software and fulfill customer’s needs.

Academia offers multiple integrations with software like Moodle (Learning Management System), KOHA (Library Management System), Alfresco (Document Management System), Tally (Accounting Software), etc. Moreover, it is entirely compatible with other software as per the requirements of customers.

Want to know what are the other modules of Academia ERP/SIS? You might find your favorite as well. Download our brochure or talk to our expert to learn the complete working experience of these modules. Book your free demo now!

Originally posted on https://www.academiaerp.com/top-4-features-of-academia-student-information-system-that-educators-like/



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