We broke the internet for totally different reasons this time!

Serosoft is a dynamic company of 200+ employees and deals in education technologies. We have a flagship product Academia that is known for transforming the lives of 700,000 educators and students across the globe. Currently, operational in 320+ institutions, we have a presence in 21 countries. But none of this is a reason for the internet to go gaga for us this time.

Surprised??? Well, we were too — when our CEO literally hijacked the stage and our hearts by bombing India’s first-ever corporate hip-hop anthem on us.

Mr. Arpit Badjatya is the dynamic CEO of Serosoft. Known for his subpar leadership qualities and futuristic vision for the education industry, he has been acknowledged on the platforms such as Business World 40 Under 40. What is the lesser known fact about him is he is also a very good writer and a singer. In fact, he was part of a prestigious band JBS- Baro C in Kolkata during his college days in IIM.

On the occasion of the annual event — SCORA 2022, he released the corporate anthem — Serosoft Really Rocks! It was cool, it was energetic and most of all so relatable for all the employees at Serosoft. In fact, we could not help ourselves but join him on the floor to vibe and groove to the hip-hop song.

As cool as the song is, and as cool as the CEO is, we literally might have chilled the “cool” scale to become the coolest IT company in India. As much as we are so attached to the song, we would like to share it with you. Please follow the link to listen to the full anthem, and do share it in your network for more support and love.



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