Trends to Watch in 2023 for the EdTech Industry

In the wake of the pandemic, education institutions worldwide have chosen hybrid learning methods to ensure educational continuity. Various tech solutions are helping institutions attain digital transformation and create interactive learning for students. As institutions dive into technology in 2022, the coming years, especially 2023, are expected to bring new trends and transform the EdTech industry.

Let’s have a look at some of the trends that institutions need to keep a watch on in 2023:

  • Focus on Student-Centered Learning

Students always get success in their learning when they get proper learning solutions. Through student-centered learning, institutions need to drive students’ interest in the right direction.

With the enhancement in technologies, institutions need to adopt solutions that can empower students to learn more collaboratively. Various EdTech companies are showing interest in highlighting greater autonomy in creating patterns that can provide student satisfaction and make them smarter and technologically upgraded.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In the last few years, the US has made a line with equity and accessibility, which has been their primary goal for the internationalization of education. According to this, Institutions are giving much priority to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Today, along with accessibility, DEIs is also an important tool for the overall development of students. It is particularly important after COVID-19 after which students have almost forgotten about social ethics, development, and grooming.

However, along with good technological support educational institutions are widely investing in issues like DEI and environmental protection. Institutions can pay attention to staying abreast with international education policies and focus on providing quality education to the students.

  • Increased use of AI-enabled learning

The modern world is about to accept the role of artificial intelligence in making lives better. Meanwhile, in the education sector as well, many institutions have begun using AI to personalize the learning experience in creating ways. It also has provided students with an opportunity to learn and understand lessons in unbelievable ways.

It is expected that in the coming few years more institutes would adapt to modern technologies such as AI and ML and bring automation to their work. Also, the use of technology to get useful insights would be more for improved decisioning. So in the coming years, it will create opportunities for growth-seeking institutions.


EdTech is continuously growing and schools, colleges, universities, and other education entities are adopting technologies that are bringing new approaches, making education more accessible, and helping them stay competitive. Initiating digital transformation and automation in the institution can be the first step towards it.



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