Top Six Things to Consider While Buying an SIS

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3 min readApr 21, 2022

The education sector is one of the most vital sectors that got disrupted in the COVID-19 pandemic. Institutions that have opted for online learning, automation, and digital transformation got their way to manage students and other activities. How have you managed education delivery in the COVID-19 period? Have you used the student information system (SIS) to manage, automate and streamline operations in your institution? Does it help in streamlining, automating, and making all the operations effective? If not, let’s discuss why institutions need to think and consider while buying an SIS.

What you should think and consider while buying SIS?

A student information system helps in managing academics and administrative tasks right from admission, fee management, examinations, and all other tasks. Helping the core of institutions, an effective SIS can bring complete automation and digital transformation. With the increasing innovation and automation, in the education sector, it is important to consider the following things while buying an SIS.

👉 It should be having high functionalities

The SIS you choose for your institution must include more than basic fundamental functionalities. It should prevail over all the major features such as an efficient portal, robust mobile application, and more leading to overall growth and development of the organization.

👉 Flexible configuration

With the increasing technology, it is necessary that institutions should adopt an SIS that provides flexible configuration. It should need to be highly scalable leading to easy adaptability. It should provide easy customization according to the needs of faculty members, parents, students, and higher authorities. It also avails scheduling of students’ performance, standards-based grading requirements, and complete modification of the user interface. The SIS should be able to create and consolidate any type of screen, page, and field in single or multiple groups of institutions to collect all the information easily.

👉 Interoperability

Interoperability is the capability of having two or more information systems that are allowed to exchange and use information systematically providing synchronization of all parts. It results in cooperation, development, integration, and all other academic and administrative operations in the best possible manner.

Interoperability can help institutions to allow the exchange and use of information systematically providing synchronization of all parts. It is also a component that attempts and addresses all the needs of institutions such as duplicate information in various areas and systems resulting in cooperation, development, integration, and the rendering of all the operations of an institution. The SIS you choose must need to have high scalability and of course interoperability.

👉 Security and Support

Security and support are the two fundamental factors that any educational institute will need first. Manual intervention or any other inefficient SIS can sometimes put security at stake resulting in malfunctioning and growth restrictions. A cloud-based and efficient SIS can keep the system safe and manage your data security along with providing continuous support for all the tasks. A right SIS can help institutions maintain all the security mechanisms and support customization protecting each academic or administrative task related to any stakeholder.

👉 Business Intelligence

Education ecosystem is enhancing rapidly, institutions must opt for business intelligence. The right SIS can help institutions with cost-saving leading to high ROI, growth, and opportunities. This technological world, automation, and digital transformation can be considered a good start for initiating business intelligence.

👉 Workflow Coordination

An educational institution involves various departments in the institution, including various operations from admission, enrollment, assessments, examination, results, and a lot of others. A feature-rich and flexible student information system can help create efficient workflow coordination among internal and external departments of the institution.


A right SIS can create a path of growth making all the operations effective and efficient. There are various SIS vendors available but it is important to find an efficient one that can accomplish the above-discussed objectives. You can also check Academia, it is one of the best award-winning, feature-rich, and cutting-edge Student Information Systems that are focused to bring automation streamlining all the tasks and operations in the institution.



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