Technology in schools-A transformation in education

What are the challenges and opportunities?

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Technology in schools: What are the opportunities and challenges?

Take a look around and see how technology has changed the lives of today. The same is true of technology in schools: it has certainly opened many possibilities. The adoption of technology in schools has a different image in different countries. Some developed countries, such as the United States, are looking for more technologies to integrate into their schools, but countries in the less developed regions of the world are still having difficulty integrating these technologies into their schools. While technology provides many opportunities for educational institutions at all stages, there are gaps that prevent widespread adoption of technology in schools around the world.

There are many opportunities for technology in schools:

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  • A great opportunity for technology in schools lies in the form of virtual reality in the classroom. Virtual reality can transform lessons into a workflow where students can experience real-world applications in a virtual world.
  • E-books have great potential to change the image of education in the coming days. Many schools in different parts of the world have already discovered the enormous potential of e-books, but some schools do not yet know it.

There are also challenges:

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  • Technology in schools has another setback: Most schools are reluctant to set up correspondence courses, unlike universities that have already integrated the online courses
  • The cost factor remains a major challenge for the introduction of technology in schools. Most schools lack the resources to support the use of technology in schools. The purchase and installation of the technology are associated with the acquisition costs. In addition, the costs of maintenance, service, and modernization are associated with running costs, which are sometimes financially unsustainable for most kindergartens through to 12th-grade schools

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