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There are various signs when you need to upgrade the student information system in your institution. The first sign is that it has not been built as per your requirements or it is not effectively fulfilling needs managing your institutional tasks. Your institute owns a value that needs to be dignified in any case. So it is most important that the software that you are choosing to manage the tasks of your institution must provide you with the best making everything easy and accessible.

So does your institute have a student information system? If yes then is it helpful to you? Let’s discuss some of the things that will help you understand that this is the right time to upgrade your student information system.

How to know when to upgrade your student information system?

Various signs will help you understand when you will need to upgrade your student information system, let’s discuss some of the points:

  • Difficulty in integration

As an educational institution, you must choose a system that is easy to integrate with the current flow. The system helps you to mark attendance, faculty management, academic reporting, and compliance. There are various other things in your institution that you will think to customize having software that is specially made to automate all the academic and administrative tasks.

The software you choose must need to provide integration of all operations in just one system, so many systems for each software may seem time-consuming and difficult.

So which type of software or student information system do you have? Do you think that you need a new education system?

  • Problems in keeping records

It is one of the most important features to look at in the student information system that is available in your institution — issues in keeping records. There are multiple things for which your institution might need to manage records, starting from admission, enrollment, to examination. Everything consists of important data that needs to be documented properly for easier access at any time and from anywhere.

It is important to check that your system is providing you with features that help in proper data recording along with providing easier access to tracking any student data anytime and if you are facing any kind of problem in doing so, then it is the current time to opt for a student information system upgrade.

  • Faculties and staff are not able to use it

The most basic reason to choose a student information system is to ease out the complete educational procedure for faculties, staff, and students. Faculties, staff, and students have easier and speedy access to all the academic and administrative operations. Faculties and staff need easier and quick access along with proper calculation and maintenance of all the things like admission, fee collection, timetable management, and whatnot, so just imagine the scenario in which the faculties, staff, and teachers are not able to use the software that you have chosen for your institution having various difficulties in choosing it. So just think how it is worth it for you?

  • The software is too tricky to understand

A student information system is something that brings automation of complete academic and administrative tasks of the institution, but what if the software you have chosen includes a lot of programming and computerized language that is difficult to understand for faculties and staff.

So software that is too tricky to understand will be useless and can create more chaos and malfunction for the institution.

Points to consider when you need an education system

  • Excessive paperwork

An educational institution has maximum involvement in the documentation. It includes excessive paperwork in each task whether it is admission, enrollment, timetable, or examination everything includes paperwork having manual interventions. So if you are thinking that you need something that can ease out the workload removing paperwork along with making everything automated and easy then a good and effective student information system can be your first need.

  • Mismanaged faculty

It is very well known that an educational institution is useless having mismanaged faculties. Faculties must have proper management of all the things like timetable management, examination management, communication with parents and students, and a lot more. Along with all these, it is also important that the faculties should follow a systematic approach for everything they are doing, and for these, the education system is made to help in every sense.

  • Reduced admission rate

In today’s time, institutions need to seek technologies that can help in increased admission rate, parents and students nowadays need automated operations of all the things like form generation, form submission, enrollment, and entrance, they often avoid long procedures like standing in a long queue, and institutions who are still using manual interventions face reduced admission rate as compared to institutions who are gone ahead choosing technologies that can lead to growth and success.

  • Mismanagement in fee records

Managing fee records in an institution is difficult, and if your institution is following manual procedures it becomes more difficult. There are multiple fee structures, various departments, and n-numbers of students; it’s an art to keep track of everything and be able to access the exact details whenever there is a need.

So does your institution have systematic and smooth procedures to record fee transitions in a manner that they are accessible whenever required? If not then you just need a student information system that can provide you with complete systematic, robust, and flexible operations of all the fee transactions that are even accessible from anywhere and anytime.

  • Improper examination management

Examination time is one of the scariest and critical times for faculty and other staff members in an institution. It involves a lot of arrangements from room allocations, staff allocations, examination centers, assessment schemes to exam execution, and exam results.

So in between all these tasks, manual operations create a lot of errors, chaos, along with more time-consuming. On the other hand, education software makes this process efficient and effective, keeping everything systematic and flexible.

Benefits of ERP Upgrade

  • Manage your accounting process with greater financial control

There are many reasons for which institutions feel the need to upgrade their ERP system, but one of the major reasons behind it is they need more control over finances. An upgraded system helps in conducting and managing more reconciliations and closing cycles with more speed. Along with this, they also see greater internal controls to manage and improve their auditing response times and removing chances of fraud.

So you must choose an upgraded ERP system or Student information system that helps in managing greater financial control along with managing complete operational activities of an institute.

  • Better performance

Updating your ERP software gives your faculty and staff a better experience and makes it easier for them to remain efficient. A flexible and robust ERP system will help your staff to manage all the things with more efficiency leading to greater productivity. It makes all the academic and administrative operations easy and effective leading to a smoother experience.

  • Cutting edge technology

If you are thinking of upgrading your ERP system, you must choose the best in between multiple options in the market. It should be of the latest technology and has the latest operating systems, servers, hardware, and database. By upgrading your current ERP system, you must choose a system that is built on cutting-edge technology that can help you save money and eliminate manual operations along with more staff.

The importance of having an updated student information system

As an educational institution, there are multiple things that you need to keep in mind to be in trend and to keep the faculties and students updated with the technology along with providing them easier access to all the educational operations.

It is most important to understand that when you use an out-of-date system, you open yourself up to issues arising from outdated technology, and lack of proper resources with new regulations.

A lack of cloud functionality will lead to losing all of your data if your hardware is damaged. Additionally, a lack of cloud services in your ERP software will keep your staff distracted along with disturbing them from smooth collaboration. On the other hand, an updated ERP system will fix all the errors offering cloud functionality that also can keep your data online while securing servers. With all these, cloud software will also make it possible for all to collaborate even when working from anywhere at any time.


If you are looking to upgrade your ERP system, I must suggest that it is the correct time when you should choose a good ERP system that can help in the growth of your institution as this pandemic has made us understand that institutions and businesses who have opted cutting edge technologies can survive competing.

You can also choose Academia, it is one of the best SIS/ERP software that is robust, flexible, and scalable along with having the capability to fulfill all the academic and administrative operations of your institution.

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