R5G in the education sector

Roles of 5G in the Education Sector and Why it will be a Game Changer

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4 min readFeb 17, 2020

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4G will be history and 5G will unveil the mystery!

5G is all set to boost the advancement in all the fields. With more and more than 8 billion mobile subscriptions, it is going to change the experience of users for the best. It has the ability to make the world a ‘Network Society’ and globalization of the internet true. That means access to ample information and data at any time, anywhere by anyone. According to a study done by Ericsson’s Mobility Report, the number of 5G subscriptions will cross the 1 billion mark, and 5G will cover 20% of the global population by the year 2023.

Let’s find out what the fuss is about 5G!

5G is the fifth-generation wireless network technology. This tech started first with 1G in the 1980s, and subsequent generations have proposed and enhanced capabilities of calling, messaging, internet, etc.

5G provides everything that 4G LTE but in a more reliable, faster and better way. We’ll be able to connect substantially more devices and execute tasks at higher speeds with almost no delay and hassle-free manner.

Along with other sectors in the work such as health, communication, data analysis, 5G will have a huge influence on the education sector as well. A 5G tower is able to connect more than one million devices per square kilometer with negligible delays. This massive jump in the connectivity bandwidth will fulfill the need required for smart classrooms, cloud-technology, gamification, with ease.

Here are the reasons why it will be a big change in education:

1. The cloud-based solution will open the new gate with 5G

The dependability of the education sector on cloud solutions is increasing. The fifth-generation technology will make the cloud tech smoother. Student information system, that unifies the entire institute in a single platform and stores the endless data of students, teachers, and other stakeholders, will be able to offer faster services.

As it shifts to become more mobile-compatible, 5G will help to make it easier to provide solutions in the user’s hand. Future mobile technology will help us in accessing the data anywhere by using distributed cloud and mobile edge computing. There will be immediate response and the students can easily resume their work according to their convenient time and place.

2. Smart Classroom with IoT will save teachers time

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made a big transformation in the retail sector, healthcare and customer services. With the help of IoT, the education sector is availing the benefits of collaboration between students, educators, and administration. It also helps in global networking enhancement of textbooks, attendance monitor systems, data collection, and better collaboration.

IoT with 5G, teachers will be able to log in as they enter the class. It will help in automating manual administrative tasks and allow students to deliver feedback digitally. Higher bandwidth will help signals remain strong throughout entire lectures and presentations, preventing occasional dropped connections and derailing focus.

3. 5G will pace up online education

Videos have become the best source to gain information. Every sector is one way or another showing their business via video. Online lectures and live streamings are the new generation’s knowledge center and YouTube is also preferred as an educational resource for students.

With 5G technology, watching and downloading these videos will be the job of seconds. With 5G distance learning, online education will become more accessible, more convenient and much better. It will truly be a next-generation tech for next-generation ed.

4. Students will get more personalized and flexible learning

The learning capacity of every student is unique and different. Fifth-generation technology will help increase the grip of students over education and they’ll be able to access that beyond their classroom.

With the high-speed internet, they will get the resources anytime anywhere regardless of distance or location, 5G will empower students to access the same information and exercises as their peers.

Over the years education has made a huge transformation with the help of the internet; it made the learning, administrative management, and student experience more engaging and interactive.

The power of immediate access with the help of 5G will change the dynamics of the education system forever. This will not only let us save time but will make education simpler than ever.

This story was originally published on https://www.academiaerp.com/4-reasons-why-5g-will-be-the-game-changer-for-the-education-sector/



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