Role Of Automation In Education Industry

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3 min readMay 8, 2019

You use a smartphone to search for simple meaning or to see statistics to prove your point in a discussion, students use laptops, tablets, and whatnot to create assignments to gain best credits, to make thesis; but you don’t realize that it was not like this from ever, it wasn’t this easy and competitive before, you don’t apprehend how education has changed in the last 10 year.

Technology has also entered in the education industry in the form of various technology. Education ERP is one but there are many more education technologies available e.g. AI, Machine Learning, Learning Management System, White Board, Robotics and so on.

Being an Education Technology solution provider we love to stay updated with the world and for that, we look all around. We analyze how EdTech such as Academia ERP is impacting education domain.

EdTech is impacting the education domain on several tiers. Not only students but also teachers, administration, and other employees of an institute are also getting benefits from education technology.

Below are a few significant roles that automation is playing in the education industry

Helping in a basic activity like grading

From kindergarten to college, grading is one fixed activity that is everywhere in the education domain. It is one tedious work that requires multiple processes in between. Teachers agree that grading takes a significant amount of time for their work.

Automation can help generating, calculating, and distribution of grading that saves a lot of time for teachers and other administrative departments.

Education ERP and AI are the two best examples of advanced grading system in school and college.

Changing the role of teachers

Automation can take the burden off from teachers of additional work other than educating. Managing complete examination processes and other academic processes via automation, helps teachers to focus on educating students in a better way. It gives them time to be more creative and innovative with the teaching processes.

Teachers are transforming their way of pedagogy and they are getting more engaged with students. Moreover, they are updated with the latest information and hence they are passing it in a better and impactful way to students. Creating a more aware and knowledgeable race for the future.

Streamlining academic processes

We all know that the education industry is a combination of tonnes of academic processes. It is the responsibility of the administration department to run all the process smoothly and error free. As humans are prone to make mistakes, sometimes, it leads to a series of correction processes.

Automation is replacing time wasting and errors with efficiency and flawlessness. Education technology such as Education ERP can manage and streamline complete admission processes.

Admission, examination, inventory, human resource, payroll, complaint, assignment, events, fee, and bill payment, etc. all can be managed with fine education technology.

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