Reasons You Need to Stop Stressing About Student Management

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4 min readJun 20, 2022

Students are the ultimate stakeholders of any educational institution. Every operation in an institution is ultimately associated with the students. Each task of the institution, including inquiry, admission, program & course selection, fee management, examination, and many others, associate with students.

In managing all these academic and administrative operations, the administrators, staff, and even faculty members get a lot of stress.

But with the increasing technologies, institutions can opt for a Student Information System through which they can manage complete student lifecycle management along with providing student satisfaction in unbelievable ways.

9 Reasons Student Information Systems help Reduce Stress for Student Management

  1. Bridges the Communication Gap

Students, in any institution, own an abundance of tasks, so as a faculty or an admin owns. Among the day-to-day operations, students and faculty members often feel disconnected using the manual intervention.

A Student Information System can help all the stakeholders stay connected anywhere, anytime for any operations and confusion. It provides a smooth portal and a mobile application that makes it easier for students and faculty to get in touch as and when required.

2. Quick Enquiry & Admission Management

Enquiry and admission are one of an institution’s most necessary operations that often involve multitudes of tasks. Long queues for enquiry forms, bundles of documents, student selection, and various other operations make the whole admission process hectic & stressful for all the stakeholders, especially the students.

A Student Information System automates all the tasks related to enquiries, form filling, enrollment, and all other admission-related operations. It eases all the tasks for students and all other stakeholders, relaxing the stress in all senses.

3. Easy Program & Course Selection

Right after the admission process, selection for programs and courses is also a crucial task that involves various steps. A robust SIS is an efficient platform from which the complete program & course selection process becomes easier for the students and faculty members.

4. Flexible Attendance Management

Attendance is yet another crucial task for educational institutions. The manual attendance process creates more chaos for modern students. An SIS provides easier access to students to mark attendance for each lecture using the mobile app. It also provides them access to check their required attendance percentage for each semester course/class.

Along with making students’ attendance process easier, it also provides faculty members with complete authority to manage and check each student’s attendance.

5. Efficient Fee Management

Managing fee-related tasks is difficult when done manually. There are multiple departments, branches, and various students. In all these, managing fees becomes crucial, involving chaos, confusion, and errors within departments, branches, and even between staff members. It also creates problems for students like one-time announcements about the fee due date, and a lot more.

An SIS can help institutions in managing all the fee-related tasks. It provides students & faculty members with multiple features like keeping the records of each student’s fee, providing students with notifications for the due date for the fee and outstanding amount, and a lot more.

6. Online Assignment Management

The assignment is one of the most necessary parts of student life. Manual intervention makes it lengthy and hectic, in which students have to submit assignment papers for each subject to the associated faculty. On the other hand, faculty members also find it hectic collecting assignments from each student, checking them, and allocating marks for the same.

A Student Information System is an easy solution to assignment chaos. It automates the complete process and allows the students to submit their assignments using the portal or mobile application for each course. Also, providing authority to faculty members about each assignment checking and marks allotment.

7. Handy Timetable Management

With modern technology, the education world is also moving with pace. Every stakeholder in the institution is busy having different sets of responsibilities. An SIS manages all timetables efficiently for each student and even faculty. It allows faculty members to create a timetable within a very short period by checking other schedules of respective classes and their students. After creating a timetable it also allows faculty members to send notifications to students regarding the same.

With this, it provides relief from the manual & hectic scheduling of timetables.

8. End-to-End Examination Management

Examination season is also an important part of all educational entities. It involves various confidential data that needs to be stored efficiently by the faculty members and higher authorities. It also involves numerous processes for both faculty and students, like hall ticket generation, security, exam paper authenticity, and a lot more.

All the examination-related tasks for stakeholders can be streamlined and managed using a Student Information System. It provides

  • Complete data security for confidential data
  • Ease for faculty members for managing exam-related tasks
  • Flexibility for students to download hall tickets from anywhere anytime
  • Smooth examination process across multiple campuses

9. Timely Result Declaration

Result declaration is the time for which each student in the institution waits eagerly. When done manually, it involves lengthy processes of marking, and multiple approvals, making it all a time-consuming and hectic process for faculty members and staff, and to students a long waiting time for the result declaration.

Using an SIS, institutions can attain a systematic approach for the result declaration. It provides a systematic portal and a mobile application that makes it easier for faculty members to create mark sheets and upload them on the portal. It imparts students with results on their mobile application from anywhere and anytime.


With multiple features an SIS can become a true solution for educational institutions that are seeking improved student management. For this, it is a must that institutions should choose a top-notch SIS software provider like Academia ERP. It is an award-winning software solution that is helping various institutions globally in managing the entire student life cycle.



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