[Quick Guide] How to choose the right Education Management Solution for your institution

Let’s find out what is the step by step process to reach the right technology for automation of your institute

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4 min readJul 4, 2019

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There are probably a few challenges that could be faced by you, while you would start to consider automating your institute. These are as follows-

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  1. Report Generation: Creating and managing reports is one of the most tedious tasks for an institute. Accuracy cannot be compromised during the generation of reports since all the critical decisions are made over it. But by keeping it manual, there are several compromises one has to makeover it.

2. Data Management: Data loss is another situation that needs more emphasis. Due to the manual processing, there’s always misplacement or loss of the data and the required data goes missing.

3. Lack of coordination: Coordination among internal stakeholders is mandatory for better productivity but some tasks such as keeping people in the loop, regular follow-ups, long approval flows, etc make it very hectic. It also affects the timeline of the tasks.

4. Attendance Management: Attendance of both staff and students is a huge task to handle altogether. Keeping track of it and updating people about it manually is almost impossible for larger institutions.

5. Finances Management: Fees collection and management of compensations, damages, petty cash, refunds, etc are very critical to keep the institute going.

Here are some great suggestions on how you can meet the challenges by adopting the best fit ERP

a. The right fit solution: A software that suits your institute perfectly should be chosen. It will depend on the requirements, the problems faced in various departments, the size of the institute, etc. Considering all these factors will help you choose the right ERP.

b. Training: Training sessions for staff is another important process that should be undergone for using the ERP software the right way so that the use of the solution can be materialized.

c. Time- saving: The automation obviously saves a lot of time and money as well. The tasks are done automatically with the software and the staff just has to keep track of the day-to-day tasks with very fewer efforts. The lowest manual intervention will help you invest your manpower in some more important tasks than managing the data.

d. Simplification: Attention to every task can be eliminated because the software possesses the perfect algorithms to complete the task the right way. Hence rechecking the calculations, the listing of students, fee management, due dates -all can all done by the software itself.

e. Security: Security is pretty big of a concern that can be taken care of by providing accessibility to the right staff members only. The software allows the security check and login customizations according to the requirements of the institute.

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f. Reliability: The reliability of the software is the most important challenge an institute can face, one can go through the old testimonies for the software, its usages, past experiences, and the popularity for shortlisting.

Are you unable to find the right solution because of the following factors?

a. Budget & cost: Education technologies always involve great cost, and of course it is varied by the size of the institution and its type. You will have to find the right balance of budget and customs requirements.

b. After-sales support: After the implementation, support is the basic requirement for the institute since these types of technologies require very effective support systems for smooth working. A good Support team along with the right software will be of great help in the long run.

c. Internet issues and the computer skills of the staff: New processes need to be added to train the staff so that the institute could reach the exact level of efficiency which is expected from education ERP systems.

d. Customization: Every institute is one of its types, the institutes have their own process and ideas for management, therefore it is very important to create a customized system that could suit the Institute requirements very well.

This blog was originally posted on https://www.academiaerp.com/quick-guide-to-choose-right-education-management-solution-for-your-institution/



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