Managing Student Journey Through Education Digital Transformation

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4 min readOct 27, 2021

With the increasing competition, every student expects more, they always choose technologies that can help them in managing all the academic and administrative operations efficiently. So to enhance student experience institutions need to opt for smoother and academic and administrative operations. Do you know how you can manage the student journey in your institution through digital transformation and do you know which technology can help in doing so? Let’s discuss them in this post.

How can digital transformation transform a student’s journey in an institution?

The end focus of any educational institution is to provide quality education and smooth academic and administrative experience to students. Digital transformation of educational institutions with modern technologies like an ERP/SIS leads to systematic and flexible learning of students.

How Student’s Journey can be simplified with technologies in an educational institution?

  • Admission management system for seamless admission

Admission season is one of the most crucial times for education institutions, it involves various tasks at both ends i.e., faculty and students. So in this modern world, students always expect an easy and convenient admission process, and an admission management system associated with an ERP helps educational institutions to provide students with easier admissions along with all the processes that make admission seamless. Right from admission inquiry, form generation, form filling, admission enrollment number generation, distribution, and all other things, an admission management process makes all these processes easier and super flexy for students, they don’t even need to stand in line and follow all the processes, everything can be using a mobile app and a simple portal.

  • LMS for enhancing the learning experience of students

Learning management system (LMS) is an integral part of the eLearning design and development process, especially for the student and a great deal of subject matter to deliver. Technologies like LMS helps educational institutions in providing modern, flexible, and seamless student experience making everything simpler in many ways:

Organizes eLearning content in one location.

Provides unlimited access to eLearning materials.

Easily tracks learner progress and performance.

Reduces Learning and Development costs.

Integrates social learning experiences.

  • Fee management system for error-free fee operations at both ends

Fee and bill payment is some of the most crucial tasks in any institution, there are various fee transactions like admission fee, tuition fee, examination fee, transportation fee, hostel fee, and a lot of others. Students always find it difficult to manage fee-related transactions along with remembering the exact date of submitting the fee along with the study and learning. A fee management system simplifies all the fee-related tasks at faculty, administration, and most of the students. A fee management system associated with an ERP provides a mobile app and a portal that provides easy fee submission, receipt generation, and it even notifies parents and students to pay for a transaction on an upcoming date. Through this students can focus on their studies eliminating any hectic costs related to fees.

  • Examination management system for seamless examination

Examination season is one of the scariest times for students, they always remain in tension about exam preparation and related studies, so students always expect to get everything simplified, right from the timetable, examination admission card, examination timing, to examination papers. An effective and efficient examination management system eases out all the processes related to examination for students. It provides them easier access to all the administrative and academic stuff like examination-related inquiry, examination form submission, timetable, and in some circumstances online exam papers. An examination management system also helps in announcing results quickly on the online portal from where students can check their results at any time from anywhere.

  • Mobile application and portal for proper communication

In today’s world, mobile is considered as one of the supreme use of technology, it is used in every sector and we talk about the education sector, we are using it here as well in the best prospects, from learning to making the academic and administrative operations easy, everything is possible from just one tiny mobile phone, isn’t it amazing? A mobile app makes a good ERP system provides an effective mobile app through which it comes easy for institutions and even students to manage all the operations systematically. The mobile application provides facilities like attendance, timetable, examination, and many more tasks just on one tap making all the major operations easier and convenient for students.

Wrapping up

So what do you think, modern technology tools like an ERP can help institutions enhance student journey in the best prospects? There are various other tools associated with an ERP that can help educational institutions to enhance and improve students’ learning experience by bringing automation and digital transformation.

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