Is this a Beginning of Digital Education in India?

Not only in learning the digital revolution in education can also help educational institutes in managing their day-to-day tasks. Student Information Systems can help educators to focus their energy on teaching. It can manage all the administrative operation of institutes.

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Among 430 million children, India has only around 1.1 million schools in which 97K+ schools are single teacher school. Furthermore, there are 900 universities and 40,000 colleges for higher education in India where the enrollment percentage is only 25%. More than 60% of students(below age 10) dropping from schools in midway.

How education will reach every child of our nation?

The answer is Digital Education.

Digital education can fill all the aforementioned gap in our education system. Technology can help to mitigate all the issues. It can increase the quality of learning, reachability of qualified teachers to students in remote areas. Tools like LCD, digital board, free digital library, lesson videos, etc. can help children to gain knowledge in more efficient ways.


Digital education in India is ready to pave its way to make an extraordinary transformation for students, educators, and educational organizations. There are many initiatives such as SWAYAM, PRATHAM- LEARN OUT OF THE BOX, etc. are already started by the government of India but we have a long way to go. The collective efforts of tech giants, the government of India and the education industry, can bring the change our nation deserves. It is the dawn digital education in India and the rays are about to brighten the world.

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