How to Manage your Educational Institution like a Pro with Higher Education ERP?

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4 min readAug 25, 2021

Automation is one of those blessings for educational institutions using which they can attain all the institutional operations easily, quickly, and effectively in any condition and scenario. An ERP software for educational institutions makes remote management possible providing 24/7 login access to all users from anywhere and anytime.

Having a fully functional and operational higher education ERP, institutions can ensure academic and administrative efficiency in operations like admissions, fee collections, examinations, and a lot of others. An ERP can help institutions to bring digital transformation leading to modern and student-friendly management of things in the institution.

What is an education ERP, how can it help educational institutions?

In today’s world, educational institutions must opt for things that can help them be in front of the competition from student’s and faculty’s point of view. A higher education ERP, helps educational institutions to ease all the operations making a modern institution for today’s students and faculty.

An education ERP is software that manages complete academic and administrative operations in an educational institution using cloud-based technology ensuring automation and digital transformation of the institute. An ERP makes all the operations accessible within just a few clicks anytime and anywhere as per the authority given to the faculties, administrators, staff, parents.

A higher education ERP provides better accessibility and helps in reducing operational costs, marking proper attendance, examination management, and a lot of things using an ERP system.

Things you need to consider to manage your institution like a pro with higher education ERP

There are various things in which an ERP can help educational institutions, but the most important among all is that it brings automation in the institutions eliminating the manual operations that take time along with more chances of errors and complications. A higher education ERP automates all the manual tasks bringing growth opportunities for the institution. Let’s discuss some of the key highlights that you must need to consider to get the capabilities to manage your institution like a pro:

  • Easy Admission

Starting from inquiry to various other processes, the admission season is one of the most overburdened yet the most important seasons of educational institutions. It involves a bundle of tasks that need to be managed and performed properly and systematically. Manual interventions of the admission process take a lot of time and staff that manages everything from form distribution, submission, admission, to enrollment of the students. Meanwhile, an education ERP manages all these tasks simply by providing easier access to the administrators to manage the complete process from just one software along with providing access to students to fill in and find any information related to admission from anywhere and anytime. isn’t it awesome?

  • Proper Examination

The examination is considered one of the most important elements of any educational institution. An ERP software manages complete operations related to examination providing a secure and safe examination for multiple students at the same time.

ERP allows faculties and staff to collaborate and create all the processes from timetable allotment, roll number allotment, examination paper alignment, and various other tasks in a better and proper way.

It also provides features to manage all tasks like editing, evaluating, and publishing at the time. Learn more about automating examination management at educational institutions.

  • Systematic Fee Management

Managing fee records in an educational institution is one of the difficult tasks when done manually, it involves various structures, various departments, and n-number of students; it’s an art to keep track of everything, which becomes time-consuming and lacks flexibility, transparency for parents, and students.

An ERP having an effective fee management system handles all the operations properly providing fee management of all the multiple academics in one place, simplifying administrative processes as much as possible.

  • Online Attendance

Attendance is a day-to-day basic task of an educational institution that is quite boring and quirky while done manually. An ERP makes the attendance management process easy and systematic, creating the complete process online accessible for faculties and students as well within just a few clicks.

The students can check and analyze the student’s attendance anytime and so students can check their attendance total absence and presents using the online portal. An ERP makes it simple, systematic, efficient, and user-friendly.

  • Quick Coordination and communication

The use of smartphones has already made various things simpler and easier for us, it has become an inevitable part of our lives, and therefore it plays an important role in educational institutions as well. A flexible and robust higher education ERP provides a mobile app and portal to communicate, coordinate, and communicate systematically among the faculty, staff, administrators, and students. It helps in streamlining all the operations like timetable allotment, fee management, result declaration, attendance marking, and tracking, and various others.

Why choose Academia higher education ERP?

There are various vendors available in the market who provide ERP solutions, but if you are looking forward to managing your institution like a Pro, having a systematic approach for everything, you must choose a platform like Academia that provides easier, flexible, and robust academic and administrative management in the institution. Academia is a one-stop solution for all your institutional needs leading to growth and opportunities for institutions.


So what are you waiting for? Choose growth, opportunity, and satisfaction for your institute choosing the best ERP solution like Academia for you, we are just a call away. Contact us now and we will discuss it further to make the best for you!

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