How effective is School Management Software for schools?

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4 min readNov 25, 2022

The last few years have been the wheels of change for the education industry. It was jolted out of its decade-old ways and was forced to adapt to technology for education to continue. This was a global phenomenon and technology was adopted at a mass scale during the pandemic.

But now that the world has resumed order, it is time to critically evaluate the role of education technology for the future. It is important to understand the effectiveness of the solutions and if the education industry sees any value in these new ways of institute management and administration.

The blog inspects the effectiveness of an Education ERP solution in the K-12 ecosystem.

School management software

School Management Software is an education ERP app suite that is modeled to digitalize every operation in a school. It is a set of multiple applications, packaged into one to offer process automation to every internal and external operation of a school.

Incorporated with new-age tools such as data analytics, trend analysis, forecast, and reports; the tool is highly useful in helping schools make better decisions for improved student experience and student outcomes.

Furthermore, it increases transparency in operations and provides ease of monitoring operations remotely. With a centralized database, and a variety of security measures it becomes easy to maintain data integrity while providing secure access to information to the people in the hierarchy to take important decisions.

Features in a school management software

School Management Software is an ERP solution that is built to provide operational support to schools. It has some very unique features and functionalities that come in very handy to school administrators. There can be hundreds of features and functionalities in an ERP solution based on the size of the solution. Rather than going through the extensive list of features, here are some basic pillar features that are a must-have in a School Management Software or an education ERP.

  1. Programs & Courses

One of the most basic yet, highly useful features — Programs & Courses Management in an ERP solution allows you to structure the curriculum, group people into classes, and define the characteristics, and resources of the program. This includes creating an academic calendar, enrolling students into the programs and courses, and other tools for ease of management.

2. Student Information System

A Student Information System is a core of the ERP solution. It serves as a centralized database that is shared across the organization with academic and administrative departments to monitor, and analyze student lifecycle and manage student performance. Some ERP solutions also come with an Alumni Management Toolkit which allows you to manage the information of an alumnus at your school and assist them with a variety of things.

3. Finance Management System

A School Management System is incomplete without a financial management system. It is a very useful tool that allows you to manage internal and external finance-related activities, including taxation operations. It allows you to maintain fee records of the students, check pending / outstanding payments, make vendor and channel partner payments and manage receipts, and so much more. It is an outstanding tool with a variety of reports pre-built into the system, allowing you to prepare yearly and quarterly financial reports and manage your financial accounts from a singular dashboard.

3. Academic Management

There are various routine tasks that are very important to administer. It requires a lot of coordination and supervision. Since school management software digitalizes all the operations, coordination between faculty, secretaries, administrators, and supporting staff becomes easy and operations become more transparent.

4. Leave and Payroll Management

Employee record management, leave management, payroll management, hierarchical leave approval setup, taxation operations, and more are some of the features provided by an ERP solution to streamline employee-side management.

5. Role Management

The configurable software allows education institutes to set up user roles to allow access to the information. Only the relevant information can be accessed by the user, secured through two-step authentication, biometric authentication, or more. This capability allows you to maintain hierarchy in digital operations while ensuring data security.

Is it worth investing in?

School Management Software is known to give you a high return on investment. It saves time & money and increases the productivity of your employees. It gives the power in your hands to make insightful decisions and win over the competition. In the long-term and short-term, many educational institutes have agreed to have made the right choice by investing in school management software.

Some of the other reasons to invest in the solution are

  1. It saves a cost
  2. It provides paperless solutions
  3. It elevates the productivity of the employees
  4. It is effective in increasing admission rates
  5. It enhances the experience of all stakeholders
  6. It is a cost-effective solution in the short-term and long-term

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