How Can ERP Software Really Help An Institute?

With a smart ERP such as Academia: One system = One solution. 100 % of data is kept within one single solution, which means no data re-entry, fewer manual mistakes, and instant information updates.

Academia ERP can help save money in the long run. Multiple systems requiring custom development can be costly and may go over budget, while Education ERP is a long-term investment.

Academia’s implementation time average is just 3 months, compared to the industry average at more than 6–8 months

With Academia ERP expert implementation and training team and our intuitive software, learning Academia is relatively quick and easy process since it is highly user-friendly software with the enhanced user experience.

Save money, manage everything from one system, have greater visibility, and keep everything in your Institution running smoothly!



Academia ERP/ SIS is a comprehensive suite that streamlines the complete student life cycle from Enquiry to Graduation as well as administrative processes.

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