How Can A Campus ERP Increase Productivity in Institutions

Campus ERP is making education management smarter, making administrative processes simpler, faster and increase productivity.

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Automation in education is changing the institute management system as we know it. Be it a school, college or university; campus ERP is making education management smarter, making administrative processes simpler, faster and increase in productivity.

It is benefiting students, teachers, parents, and all the other stakeholders, increasing their connectivity and making information flow super easy.

Not only this, Education ERP helping institutes to save costs in administrative processes and achieving high ROI.

Here are the 5 ways in which a Campus ERP can increase productivity in educational institutions

Enhanced Resource Management

Be it classroom details, teachers’ availability, transport records, students’ details, stationery, hostel, and other property of the institute, you can keep all these records in a well-organized manner.

You can also generate reports and share them along with other departments of campus if needed. With the help of automation, resource management becomes easier, simpler and faster.

Efficient in Administrative Management

The education management system reduces the workload of the teachers and gives them time to focus on the students and education. It also saves time for other staff members, aids higher authority in faster decision making. Ultimately, it helps to bring efficient administrative management.

Automated Attendance Management

Campus ERP simplifies attendance management by automating it. With the Biometric/RFID attendance system, teachers can save a significant amount of time.

If an institute does not have a Biometric system; with education ERP such as Academia Student Information System comes up with an inbuilt online attendance system by which teachers can mark attendance via mobile/tablet/computer and they can generate the daily report easily.

Faster Fee & Bill Payments

A campus management system helps to digitize Fee & Bill payment. It makes it convenient for students and staff members to manage financial records.

You can also set an alert for due fee payment, students can notify on the student portal. They can access the receipts and other documents from their portals.

It also helps users to generate reports in multiple formats i.e. student-wise, class-wise, year-wise, session-wise, etc.

Effective Cost-saving and High ROI

With a cloud-based education management system, an institute can save a lot in IT & hardware costs, stationery costs, document management, and other administrative processes.

Learn more on how education ERP can help institutes to achieve high ROI.

Campus ERP: A one-stop solution for educational institutions

Education ERP is a unique solution for educational institutions, it helps them to manage administrative processes in a smarter and better way. It serves a broad and diverse objective for education leaders. It makes the institute management hassle-free and running of the campus in a more productive manner.

Do you know Academia Campus Management System helps institutes increase their cost-savings by 20%?

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This story was originally published on

Academia ERP/ SIS is a comprehensive suite that streamlines the complete student life cycle from Enquiry to Graduation as well as administrative processes.

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