Gamification in Higher Education: Pros and Cons

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4 min readFeb 17, 2022

As the world is moving towards modernization, the education sector is witnessing technology disruption, and new trends and technologies like ERP, SIS, LMS, and more are becoming the new need of educational institutions. Gamification is also one of the most important and widespread technologies that are being the choice of educational institutions. Do you know how Gamification can help higher education institutions and how it can be beneficial for institutions?

Let’s discuss gamification and its pros and cons for higher education:

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a strategy that uses various methods, activities, and rewards to promote student enhancement, engagement, and encouragement. It is considered as a motivational framework being a contemporary approach to education that can systematically leverage various elements in gaming culture.

Role of Gamification in modern education institutions?

With the emerging trends in higher education, gamification can become a powerful technology for educational institutions. Implementing fun and rewarding activities and elements to education becomes the potential to completely shift the way we learn.


While there are various pros of opting for gamification in your institution let’s discuss a few of them:

  • Motivates the students

Gamification is considered as one of the best methods to motivate students, as students always get attracted towards tasks that involve any kind of games and interesting activities, and games having some lesson and teaching patterns encourages them towards their learning and grooming.

Gamification can be considered as a motivation to students including various methods like rewards, points, and engaging factors. Educators must understand the fact that in the modern educational scenario, learning needs to be more enjoyable, opting for gamification as a powerful tool and technique for students.

  • Adds fun to the learning process

As it is already clear that students always demand learning that is easy to understand and grasp, gamification as of now is considered as one of the best techniques that promote learning using approaches that add fun to the learning process.

  • It provides control to faculty for students

Gamification can make students and learners feel more in control of their education. Having fun in the study and learning students feel more comfortable and attached to having goals to work towards their goals in a way leading to better understanding and enjoyment.

Gamification directly connects students to their goal providing a deeper understanding, interest, and clarity to their end goal. It provides a deeper strength to students and faculty in a better way.

  • Promotes E-learning

Gamification can become helpful with e-learning. Online education platforms largely promote e-learning. Having gamification hand-in-hand online education can prove to be a thriving industry.

E-learning also proved to be quite helpful in recent years. Various apps, techniques, and tools are helpful as they often smoothly incorporate more learning adding value to the normal form of learning processes.

If you are thinking of engaging students in an online learning environment, gamification can be the best way for doing this. Our blended learning design course is also helpful for developing learning and teaching skills and methods.

  • Aids physical development

Learning processes promote interactive learning and ultimately aids physical development. It is considered one of the best exercises in adolescents and can help in being physically active. There are many long-term benefits of being physically active while learning as well.


  • Sometimes involve high costing

It is not always important that the technique, tool, or software you are using for gamification involves huge costing, the cost ultimately depends upon the type of system you are using. Sometimes these costs include various other aspects such as registration fee, course codes, and more for the type of game that the institution chooses for students.

  • Asymmetrical assessment process

Sometimes with more fun and joyful learning, students try to avoid course assessment which results in slow progress. Faculty members must keep a watch on their students’ journey closely even when following any method. A timely watch on the student’s journey can lead to a successful student enhancement and ultimately to the institution’s growth.

So what do you think about having gamification in your institution? You must also know about the use of gamification in higher education institutions along with its pros and cons for your institution. Hope this blog helps you have a great understanding of gamification — ‘A trend worth opting for higher education institutions.



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