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The era of millennials is fading aways now it’s the time of Gen-Z How Generation-Z will change the face of Education?

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4 min readJul 15, 2019

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The Millenials have ruled the world but the future belongs to Generation Z.

This generation is the next generation of higher education students, presently attending schools. In education, the survey states that around 93% of this generation students consider technology in the classroom essential to nurture their creativity and prepare them for their future career.

Not just technology this generation believes in social learning which is not limited to geographical borders. Online learning that is available at any time, anywhere is their must-have facility.

They expect on-demand services that can help them to focus them in the right direction in their career. This generation is not just limited to Instagram and Facebook story sharing but more focused and career-driven.

Most of them already involved in one or another type of business or startup and therefore they need an educational institution that can add value in their skills. That can act as a catalyst for their career. And Generation Z won’t settle for less.

What is the role of an educational institution toward generation Z?

Gen Z is the generation that is not a passive learner. They are the answer finder and if they don’t find the answer they will create the answer for their curious mind.

They have an ample amount of resources to enhance their knowledge, the generation where 4G and 5G internet is delivering 24*7*365 access to all over the world.

So, how educational institutions will exist in this digital generation?

There is no doubt that any technology or any amount of internet can’t replace the human touch of education and teachers. But to stay “relevant” for Gen Z, educational institutions need to pace up with the digital world.

Educational institutions need to increase their digital presence not only in the learning area but also in administrative management. These students are realistic, they believe in transparency and connectivity.

Any institute without technologically advanced management system will lose the interest of Gen Z students. For proper management of student technology like SaaS, Student Information System with cutting edge technology is now the necessity for higher education institutions to maintain the admissions retentions of students.

Coming to learning management system, Colleges and University are already on their way to increase their digital presence with online courses, video lectures, podcasts, and 24*7 teacher availability via portals.

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning will rule the education sector for Generation G.

Educational Institutions have to show this generation, how their education processes can make them smarter, more skilled and future-ready.

How to meet the expectation of Gen Z?

Generation-Z (image source freepik)

This is the generation that is passing through the tragical events such as 9/11, 2008 financial recession, terrorism, and whatnot. Gen Z doesn’t live in a fantasy of the ideal world, they live in reality and they understand it.

Emerging technology and self-reliance to get learning haven’t lost their faith in the education institutions and educator.

In a recent survey by Deloitte The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019, Gen Z has put the onus on educators for preparing workers for Industry 4.0 i.e. industries with smart factories with advanced connectivity and where whole work can be visualized to aid in decision making.

That means the next generation of students is already putting their money on education sectors and educators, rest must be done by the educational institution.

Now it’s the responsibility of the institution to make themselves ready to meet the expectation of the Gen Z by diving into active digital transformation, automation of the administrative system, by shifting towards a more practical approach of education and last but not the least delivering the world-class student service to help Gen Z to succeed in their future.

This blog is originally published on https://www.academiaerp.com/how-generation-z-will-remodel-the-map-of-education/

Do you think educational institute will be able to pace up with demandS of Generation Z?

What do you think Generation Z will change the education system?



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