Evolution of EdTech Post COVID-19 Lockdown

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2 min readDec 25, 2020
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Covid-19 Pandemic has gradually affected everyone’s life. People were trapped in their homes and life came to a standstill. But with great efforts made by the government, everything is getting back to normal. Though this global crisis doesn’t seem to end anytime sooner, various industries have been drastically affected, including the education industry.

Before the pandemic, the education industry was running normally; but now, the schools, colleges, and training institutions, everything has been shut down. And, technology has been proved as a boon to us, as it has played a major role in the EdTech division. The Post-COVID-19 scenario will be an evolution in Education Technology. The educational institutions are looking forward to tie-up with EdTech companies by releasing their online programs that will be easily accessible to the students.

The EdTech companies have faced a boom in the COVID-19 period; their user base has increased drastically, as students, teachers, parents everyone is looking forward to online classes, live doubt-clearing sessions, e-books, and mobile applications. In India, companies like Byju’s and Vedantu have seen a high rise in their user-base. Looking at the situation, they provided free services and download to a few courses, which gradually helped them in increasing new registrations on their platforms.

Due to COVID-19, Education Technology trends are becoming the new normal for the students and their mentors, as well. Soon, it will take the form of a necessity due to the technological advancements that are making our lives easier. Also, when it comes to online education services, it would have taken us another decade to reach where we are now if the pandemic has not happened yet.

Not only students are a part of education technology benefits, but the professionals are too. There are various professional institutions that have come up to provide learning to the professionals, with the help of EdTech. This is how the EdTech is evolving rapidly.

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