ERP Implementation Challenges During Covid19

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5 min readJul 9, 2021

ERP is considered as one of the most important initiatives that educational institutions should take to opt for technological changes in their institute, successful implementation of ERP helps in managing the academic and administrative operations of the institute, on the other hand, an unsuccessful implementation can change things adversely. In this COVID-19 pandemic, there are various challenges that educational institutions have faced while implementing ERP. So the management of institutions needs to understand everything about an ERP before implementing it. So let’s discuss some of the important aspects and challenges of ERP implementation during COVID-19.

Here’s a list of challenges and solutions that can help to have successful ERP implementation:

  • Access all the previous data to implement ERP in this Situation

In this COVID-19 world, various challenges were faced by institutions, the complete educational system changed drastically, online education gave new hope to institutions, but it often included various glitches and data malfunctions due to unaffected academic and administrative systems. So to cope with this, several institutions opted for enterprise resource planning (ERP), which helped them to operate all the academic and administrative operations, but the major challenge that institutions faced while implementing ERP was to collect the previous information as most of the faculties are working remotely.

So to resolve this, many good ERP provider companies provided a flexible and robust ERP system that triggers institutional growth and success, so in this pandemic, they implemented software successfully without any data glitches, the team accessed all the data contacting personally with the management and faculties for collecting essential data for implementing the ERP.

  • To train faculties and students for the ERP

To provide successful implementation of ERP, institutions need proper training in the ERP system, but in this pandemic, it was difficult for institutions to take proper training along with providing desired authority to faculties and managers.

So a good ERP provider can help institutions with the training digitally just like the product they are dealing with. Training digitally and contacting again and again with the implementation team helps the managers and faculties to understand properly about the process of ERP. Let’s say the implementation team explained to the faculties about the attendance management system but the faculties and management are in doubt about a feature of this system, they can ask the implementation team any time to get a better understanding about it.

  • Resistance

There are various institutions, who are thinking to avoid ERP implementation in this COVID-19 pandemic, it is also not wrong to say it’s due to economic uncertainty and COVID-19 worries, and they have no other option and just to adjust to having a significant remote workforce.

To solve this, various ERP providers are providing low cost and beneficial ERP services, and apart from this institutions are more in need of a systematic approach to be followed in this pandemic where online classes are preferred, using an ERP will allow completing all the processes like attendance, assignments, examinations and various other more flexibly from both faculty and student’s end and along with this it will help the institutions to manage their revenues in more proper ways.

  • Internet issues due to remote work

This pandemic forced faculties and students to work remotely which is somehow beneficial for us, but one of the biggest challenges that institutions faced is the internet issue as not all the faculties and students have the correct amount of bandwidth needed so many institutions avoided the use of ERP knowingly how it will help them.

So to solve this, it is suggested that institutions should find a better option like providing a monthly subscription of a good internet connection that can help them properly and if they find it expensive they can also make it compulsory for the faculties or the students to opt for a good internet connection having a fixed and desired bandwidth. This can help them opting the ERP and utilizing its benefits for the whole institution, faculties, and students as well.

  • COVID case among the faculties or management

This COVID-19 crisis changed everything drastically, every sector faced losses and unexpected changes in the business and education sector is never an exception. Various faculties and students got ill during this pandemic and it affected the overall management of the institutions. This whole scenario forced the educational institutions not to opt for any beneficial or even experimental step even if it is an ERP.

One of the best solutions for this is that institutions should necessarily give some time to COVID patients as this will increase their morale and also motivate them to be fit more hurriedly. More importantly, an ERP is beneficial for the institute in this case as well, as once the COVID patient gets in a stable position he can actively work from home using the ERP accessing everything easily.

Check out how ERP in Education playing an important role in institute management, especially during CORONA PANDEMIC:

  • Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of successful educational institutions, the modes of communication need to be better and effective. It was also a factor for which institutions got in the chaos of whether they should implement an ERP or not. They thought buying an ERP will not be worth it in this pandemic as the faculties and team will not be able to coordinate and understand the right use of it.

But institutions need to understand that ERP is one of the most powerful technological tools these days, it can help to bridge the gap between faculties, students, and parents. It can help them to communicate in better ways along with providing successful completion of admission, fee, projects, and examination tasks.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges in the educational sector, due to which various institutions have suffered a lot, but now its high time that institutions must understand that they need to opt for the latest technologies that can help them improve the level of education removing all the hurdles even in this pandemic, and ERP is one such technological software that can provide a better future and level of education. It can help institutions manage their academic and administrative operations smoothly and smoothly. You just need to select the best ERP software like Academia that can fulfill all your institutional needs at a very effective cost triggering institutional growth and success.

Because of covid -19, Educational institutions need to speed up the adoption of digital transformation so that they can increase their digital initiatives and always stay competitive.

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