Classroom Management Advice for Faculty/Teachers

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3 min readMay 23, 2022

Faculty members/teachers are called the heart of any educational institution. They are the responsible stakeholders to manage all other tasks and individuals like students, parents, staff, and higher authorities in the institution. One of the most important tasks of a faculty/teacher is to bring an efficient and productive classroom atmosphere. We have some best tips for you to manage the classroom smartly using modern technological tools like an ERP, SIS, and LMS.

Tips for Effective classroom management for faculty/teachers

  • Streamlining classroom activities

There are various tasks in a class that need to be completed by the faculty members and students. Along with learning and teaching, it includes various operations in which the same occupation of faculty and students are required. Some of them are completing courses, homework, assignments, practicals, tests, and a lot more.

Streamlining all the classroom activities using an effective technology like ERP can help faculties streamline all the tasks easily and efficiently. Using a robust ERP, faculty can manage attendance, and assessments, schedule homework, and assignment tasks create a workflow for practicals, and a lot more. It automates the complete processes making an efficient work path for students and faculty members.

  • E-Library for structured study material

In the current scenario of the education world, faculty members publish a lot of data that needs to be stored securely for students’ needs. An E-library gives students and faculty members the instance to give students with learning resources and references whenever required. It also provides support to online classes provided by an individual faculty or by the institution. E-library also provides and encourages collaborative learning including e-books, audio-video material, or online documents that can be recommended, shared, and searched widely. It also promotes an interactive classroom atmosphere, focusing on sharing and assembling knowledge from a unified knowledge base.

  • Assessment and examination

Examinations are the most important times for any educational institution. Not only the students but the faculty also get stressed due to it. It ultimately affects the classroom atmosphere. With the enhancing educational ecosystem, teachers must adopt tools and software that can enhance the learning processes and ultimately the assessment and examination processes. Software like an ERP/SIS can help students and faculty smoothly manage assessments and examinations. It provides faculties to adjust, review, and arrange any subject matter related to examinations. Automating examination-related tasks helps and smoothens faculty and students.

  • Communication and collaboration

“Communication is the key to success”- Lee Brown.

Communication is the most important factor that defines the success of any educational institution. Looking upon a classroom atmosphere, faculty members need to make a strong bond with students creating a strong channel of communication and collaboration. Using technology like a Student Information System or Learning Management System provides proper connectivity through a strong portal and mobile application for all the day-to-day tasks, discussion, and collaboration. It ultimately generates an effective classroom atmosphere and a productive environment.

  • Keep parents updated

Parents always get bothered about their child’s progress in classrooms. It is prevalent that parents always desire to get involved in their kids’ lives. Using the traditional modes of communication with parents creates hassles for both parents and faculty. What is better than using a technology that keeps parents updated with each step, progress, and update of their kid. A dedicated mobile application to the institution with a systematic portal can be the answer. Using an ERP integrated mobile application, institutions can provide all the information to parents starting from their kid’s attendance, work progress, timetable, to their examinations. It can provide faculty with the ability to create trust and transparency among parents.

Bottom line

A faculty can be proved as one of the important assets for educational institutions. The advanced generation of faculty and higher authorities can use tools and technologies that can help them in creating a productive atmosphere in the classroom.



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