7 Benefits of Using Academia Student Information System

Academia ERP / SIS
3 min readApr 19, 2019
Student Information System (SIS)

What do you see when you look at a university or any higher education institutes?

Students, teachers, staffs, exams, result…and many more like that.


But what you don’t see, is the paradoxical management processes to handle everything going around within the institution.

Right from the start of inquiry to admission to programmes & courses to examinations to result and placement, it is a long chain of tasks run by a group of people. The manual work is responsible for the delay and the error in all the above operations in the educational institutions.

Higher educational institutes suffer more than schools as there are more varieties of courses and therefore more processes.

A good management system to run the various operations in a smooth way brings satisfaction towards the organization, satisfaction of employees, students and parents and that brings the growth of the organization.

But how can you manage all the processes in big institutes with many programmes, courses, student and so on?


Which we provide.

Academia Student Information System comes with awesome features that help all types of educational institutes whether it is a college, a group of college, university or any other institute.

Below are the 7 benefits of using Academia SIS in your institute

1. Hassle-free admission process:

In admission season there are many inquiries and applications. It is very tough to keep all the records and finish inquiries promptly. Here comes the role of Admission and pre-admission module of academia. It helps institutions to handle inquiries, manage follow-ups, close them. It provides separate applicant portal for applicants to check the status of the application with the facility of uploading various documents as needed. This feature of Academia makes the admission process smooth.

2. Specific portal for students and parents

Academia provides portals for students and parents. Student can check the time table, lessons taught in the class, download and submit assignments and many more. Similarly, parents can check how his/her ward performing and how teachers are maintaining the track of lesson plan.

This brings the transparency in the education processes thereby trust in the institution.

3. Easy examination process

Examination Management System

An examination doesn’t only scary for students but for the managing staff too. It requires tasks like attendance, grading, the assessment scheme, execution then result. Academia integrates all the examination process in a single module. User can enter all the required details via Academia platform.

4. Time-Table and lesson plan for teachers

Time and lesson plan requires lots of planning. With Academia, teachers can plan it according to the need. They can also modify the details if there is any change. There is no need to share it separately to students and other related staff. Also, parents can see the time table details in their portal.

5. Smooth fee and bill payment

Institutes require different types of fees, sales of forms, examination fee, registration fee, reevaluations fee for result an so on. Academia provides a separate feature to manage and keep a record of all the fees and payment details. It also provided an automated alert for fee/bill payment or submission.

6. Complete Hostel Management

If an institute has the hostel facility, it can handle the hostel processing from Academia SIS. It takes all the details of the hostel structure, occupancy, availability, hostel fee, resources details used in the hostel.

7. Customized report

All the above features will require reports attendance report, session report, demographic report, fee, and bill payment report, etc. In Academia, user can create, upload and download all these reports in the various module.

These are the most important benefits of Academia SIS but that’s not it. It is a vast programme, a comprehensive module to manage all the administrative tasks. It helps the institutes to remove their hurdles in running a system smoothly.

If institutes will be well equipped with the updated EdTech, it will be easier for them to focus on delivering knowledge and creating a promising student life cycle.



Academia ERP / SIS

Academia ERP/ SIS is a comprehensive suite that streamlines the complete student life cycle from Enquiry to Graduation as well as administrative processes.