5 Benefits of School ERP Software in Examination Management

An examination is one of the many complex processes of school administration. Education ERP can help the institute to automate and streamline the entire processes in the examination.

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Examination time is considered as one of the most crucial times for students, teachers, and the whole management of the institution. It involves a lot of things from room allocations, staff allocations, examination center, assessment schemes to exam execution and exam results.

The examination process usually consists of three stages: Pre-Examination Stage, Execution Stage, and Post Examination Stage. Following a manual process for examination with limited staff becomes more difficult if there are more students in the institution. School management must need to have a set of planning and a proper strategy to execute examinations efficiently, on time, along with declaring results, so that the next session can start on time.

All these things can be managed systematically and properly having a School Management System, can manage complete administrative processes within the school campus. It can handle all your tedious tasks of examinations on one platform.

So, let’s discuss Education Technology and School ERP Software that can help the institutions to have proper and synchronized management.

What is School ERP?

School ERP is an enterprise solution for school management. It comes in the cloud-based and on-premises software application. Using cloud-based solutions schools can save and access all the information on the web and use it anywhere, anytime with any device with the internet.

This software solution provides a complete student life cycle from the admission of the student to his last years of education in the schools along with examinations. It completely automates and streamlines academic and non-academic information. It helps in saving a lot of time in operational activities and of course in saving a lot of operational cost along with increased return on investment.

How School Examination Software Can Manage Examinations?


1. Assistance in Pre-Examination Setting

The pre-examination setting involves all the arrangements like examination center, designing grading schemes, assessment schemes, staff allocations, room allocation, and student allocation. The School ERP software helps you in managing every detail with just a few clicks. There are also options available to add any kind of information that you think is important for the students or faculties.

The process with this software is so easy that you will not need to arrange any kind of papers and planning for the arrangement, you can even access it anytime as per your requirement along with providing the access to staff members who can need the information or need to change any information urgently. This way you can save time and reduce the overall organizational stress related to pre-examination processes.

Exam Execution

2. Streamlined Exam Execution

This is one of the most important parts of the examination. Whether the institutions are done with complete planning and proper procedure there is some type of glitch that can occur at the time. So having a School Examination Software you can manage all the procedures without having a single glitch, it will manage detention, exam attendance, and various other things. You also have the opportunity to assign remarks for each student. It is also easier to manage marks entry and course grade quickly and easily with this software.

3. Customized Grading System

Using School ERP Software for the examination process provides you the authorization of having a customized grading system. Let’s say if one of your students needs both grades-based and marks-based evaluation results, you can provide it by doing the setup in the software (as per the marking range of your school).

Teachers can also have the opportunity to manage the assessment status (pending or completed). The management then can check the school examination system to check the status of the result processing.

Academia also provides you with a School Exam Management System that provides the Relative Marking Feature as per the requirements of schools. This feature enables you to make marks moderation in any special case to generate a reliable and justified result for your students and your school.

Post- Examination

4. Well informed evaluation and better result distribution

It is one of the most important prospects of the whole examination scenario, smooth evaluation of answer sheets, and error-free result declaration. Using the School ERP system you can simply evaluate the results along with announcing results on time. In an exceptional case, any student requests for re-evaluation and you have to recalculate the result, so this can be done with the Recalculation Feature of the School Examination Software.

The best part of using the software is you can get rid of paper mark sheets and printing costs for the result announcement. You can easily distribute the result on the student’s portal. The student can check his/her marks and remarks for every single subject on a real-time basis.

5. Varied and customized report for records

An examination process is far longer than just declaring results. The school needs to keep pre-examination reports, Assessment reports, credit-based reports, and examination reports. They also need to maintain records of exam papers for future reference for teachers and students.

Having a School Management System, you can manage all your reports with complete details. All these reports will be on the webserver but you can always access and can download these reports individually or in bulk easily and smoothly.

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Final Thoughts

Examinations are considered as the most important prospects of every organization, so when exams end successfully with flawless results and records, it shows the success of your organization along with satisfying the students and teachers. An ERP System like Academia helps schools to run all the above processes smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

It is not wrong to say that examination is the most crucial and complex part of any educational organization on which the success and reliability of the organization depends. Institutions need proper access to technology that aid to run the process effectively and efficiently so that teachers and other members can focus their time and energy on delivering quality education and generating a great future for the nation.

There are a lot more things that a School ERP can do to make your way towards successful school management. Want to know more? Just ask for a free demonstration and our school ERP experts will provide you complete knowledge for the same.

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This story was originally published on https://www.academiaerp.com/5-benefits-of-school-erp-software-in-examination-management/



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