5 Advantages of Using College ERP in the New Era of Education

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3 min readJul 21, 2020

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Higher Education ERP has played an important role in the IT management of educational institutions. It has been giving the educators a new perspective on institute management with the digitization of complete academic processes for this digital-savvy world.

With the advent of the CORONA pandemic, going digital in the education sector is becoming the key measure to survive in the competition. Most of the top institutions have already gone completely digital transformation of their administration. They are managing the complete student life cycle from admission to graduation. It is easier for institutions to manage their institute remotely, continue student learning, and maintain institutional continuity because of the prior Education ERP implementation.

College Management System software brings multiple scopes, tracking of range of academic activities, including human resource management, management information system for students, financial management, record keeping, and much more. In this article, you learn the five most important benefits of using the ERP system in your institution.

Internal Control

All education leaders want to have complete control of their organization. They want to be aware & updated with all the ongoing activities, expenses, employee records, student outcome, institutional effectiveness, and more.

An ERP solution such as Academia SIS provides everything an educator needs to manage its institute effectively and efficiently. It gives a centralized database with multiple modules by which the admin user can keep track of day to day tasks. The user can manage, monitor, and control the entire administrative process from a single platform.

Better Connectivity

Most of the time institutional effectiveness gets lost in poor connectivity among stakeholders of an organization. This leads to rework, time waste, and unorganized workflow.

The management system for educational institutions gives the one-stop-solution to connect every student, teacher, parents, and other staff members. Academia provides exclusive portals for everyone where they can log in and access all the information they need. It also provides apps for students & teachers to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Smart Management

This is the digital era. If you are not equipped with the technology you are not moving ahead with the world. Gen Z, which is going to dominate higher education in the coming years, prefers everything online rather than turning pages and wandering among piles of books. Unlike the previous generation, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Hence it is crucial for educational institutions to get along with the generation of digital natives.

This software is well designed and equipped with agile technology that helps educators to bring the best institute management system. It is integrated with a learning management system, library management.

Aligned Reporting Management

Educational institutions go through loads of paperwork that involve reports of various departments, fee details, accreditations, student reports, employee records, and whatnot. Moreover, they have to keep these records forever to use them in the future.

Academia offers smart power BI and smart analytics that generates all the important reports within seconds. There is no need to spend hours in creating data and filling it in an excel sheet. As it is a centralised database system, hence users can generate reports just by using some filters.

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Enhance Student and Workforce Outcome

Excellent student outcomes increase the authenticity and credibility of organizations, it is the ultimate aim for every institution. This is the digital generation, students of this era look for answers in Google rather than papers. They prefer to have everything in their smartphones. Then why wouldn’t they want their academics here as well?

With a student app, they can get access to all the important information from their phones, keep their records, certificates, marksheet, attendance detail in the reach of their hands. They can submit assignments online and see the results/remarks, performance records whenever they want without any delay. This empowers them to keep up their enthusiasm for learning and gives them a sense of accomplishment which ultimately shows in their overall outcome.

Academia ERP/ SIS is the best college management system that takes care of the entire campus in a seamless and effortless manner. More than 220 institutions are benefiting from it then why not you? Take advantage of the FREE demo session with our product expert. Book your call now!

Originally posted on https://www.academiaerp.com/what-are-the-5-advantages-of-using-college-erp-in-the-new-era-of-education/



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