10 Advantages of Educational ERP Solution Educators Must Know

Educational ERP system implementation can enhance productivity and response time by manifolds. Whether it be an activity involving a single department or a cross-functional procedure, it reduces the human efforts and the lead time.

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8 min readOct 15, 2020

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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP -a solution initially developed for the manufacturing industry is now finding its place across various industries, the Education sector is one of them. Advancement in technology has touched everyone’s lives, including educators. Utilizing technology to its highest potential reduces mismanagement at work and allows us to concentrate on development.

The education industry today requires 24X7 interdepartmental collaboration even for minor tasks. Teachers need a system that can help them manage student profiles, allocate assignments and at the same time, parents need information about how their child is doing at their fingertips. The need of the hour is better management and smart allocation of resources, people are now starting to identify the need for change. This is where an ERP for Education comes into the picture. Critical academic operations, such as finances, employee management, student management, and endless paperwork, have now been automated by the implementation of ERP systems for their educational institutions.

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP or is a database management software for businesses. It integrates the various operations, automates the processes, and brings near-zero error transactions that enhance organizational productivity and efficiency.

ERP system runs on multiple computer hardware and network configurations, typically using a database as an information repository. In this generation, it comes with on-premise, cloud-based solutions, and hybrid platform offerings. Organizations use it as per their convenience.

It is a computer software program that helps organizations plan, manages, and keeps records of all the core processes. Due to internet access and the need to fulfill increasing consumer demands, institutions are moving toward ERP implementations, including the education sector.

Educational Institutions Need an ERP Solution in Today’s Digital Age

Educational institutions play a crucial role in shaping a child’s future, not to mention a nation. Whether it’s K12 or higher education, every step of education plays a critical role in their pupils’ cognitive and academic development. Hence, the educational institution deserves the best tools for their management practices, efficiently and effectively carrying out their administrative and intellectual processes. They need to keep themselves abreast of modern technology and management tools for constant improvement in knowledge impartation, students’ well-being, and, most importantly, a strategic framework of child development.

Unlike previous days, now education institutions have endless data, tons of paperwork on students, management, teachers, parents, staff, etc. Education ERP for educational institutions provides all the support that an educational institution needs to manage these tasks, make their world easy, efficient, and useful. It helps them fulfill their ultimate objectives of students’ core development by providing them the luxury of time.

The 10 Advantages Educational Institutions Should Know About ERP Solution

The pros and ERP implementation in the education sector start from its cost-effectiveness to maintain an efficient system. It saves an immense amount of person-hours, saving you a lot of money in concrete terms. The organizational data security is implied in the use of an ERP service.

Let’s see the advantages of the Education ERP solution:

Improved Admission Rates

Student admission/recruitment is one of the core processes in any educational institution. It’s an indicator of the overall performance of administration, students’ population, and revenue growth. Admission processes are crucial, and it requires attention and lots of paperwork. Here comes the role of the admission management system by education ERP. It helps automate entire processes from running campaigns to inquiry management, student applications, selection processes, entrance exams, etc. It enables institutions to bring smart admissions for their academic management. It helps staff to manage all these processes online in a seamless & hassle-free manner.

If you want to learn more about admission management systems and increased admissions rates, refer to our article: the benefits of using the admission management system.

Better Student Management

Every institute is student-centric. It requires teachers and staff’s continuous efforts to manage student records, academic and personal details, track of academic progress, document mark sheet, etc. If an institute is not digitally enabled and all these processes are done manually, that is not that efficient management method.

Thanks to automation, allows educators to reduce paperwork and save time. In Academia’s student management module, the user can keep all the records under 100+ fields. Students can fill in their details via the student portal. Users can also generate ID cards and barcodes, create reports with smart analytics, etc.

Seamless Program & Courses Management

It is one of the essential perks of education ERP. This module helps create and manage the plethora of programs & courses offered by higher education departments. Managing them includes defining the credits, hours, and sections for the programs and setting limits for offered programs within a semester. It also maps programs & courses with respect to the sessions, i.e., programs offered within a session, and with respect to courses, i.e., programs offered within a course.

It helps layout the period name and underlying terms according to the reporting cycle, specific duration, and student intake of an academic year for institutions.

It simplifies, centralizes, and organizes the course management system. With a single database system and integration of multiple departments, it streamlines the information flow. This lets decision-makers to monitor, control processes, and efficiently manage with 24*7 access to data.

Smart Fee Management

Finance in the education sector is as complicated, and managing it; is not a simple task, especially for the admin department. It includes creating multiple fee plans, recording fee details from every student (tuitions, enrollment, examinations, and other curricular activity fees).

It helps digitize student fee plans at the time of enrollment, generating reports on account statements for each student, sponsor, and applicant for all transactions. It also provides a discount calculation feature for stage selection and generates payable bills for the discount provided against each receivable account, including installment billing.

It is an important module that makes the administration efficient and error-free. This module is equipped to settle the payable bills with the respective fee heads such as tuition fee, admission fee, hostel fee, transport fee, etc., and cheque bounce, manage refunds, and duplication of receipt issues.

Easy Examination Processes

The Examination Management module of ERP efficiently handles all the exam-related processes and preparing and managing pre-examinations tasks. It helps in managing exam notifications to send to student/parent/faculty portals, student registration, and exam programs.

It can also generate hall tickets, design exam schedules, and manage exam day processes and exam attendance.

The module manages and evaluates different marking heads, i.e., mid-term, viva, and final semester, records student performance, prepares transcripts, results, and generates reports for result analysis.

Integrated Employee Management

Also known as Human Resource or HR Management. Like any other organization, education institutions also have and numbers of employees in multiple departments. And it is difficult to maintain all the records & details manually. It takes a lot of time, but it is also challenging to find specific information as and when needed.

With the help of the Academia Employee Management Module, it becomes easy to maintain records. It also helps to manage leave management, timesheet, payroll, and employee reports.

Comprehensive Campus Management

This feature mainly helps in setup and managing information related to the college administration. The module can create several academic departments. Being customizable, its terminologies, labels, and underlying features can be changed according to the institute’s needs. In the case of institutions managing several campuses, the campus setup can also efficiently separate sets of terminologies for each one of them.

Moreover, the module also configures and maps biometric device details of classes, program rooms, and labs. One of the most notable features is the provision to download documents in bulk for applicants, students, and the faculty.

It can control the entire campus management process on a single platform. Academia also provides mobile apps for teachers, students, and a separate responsive faculty portal for teachers to manage their tasks via mobile/tablet.

Safe Transport Management

Most of the educational institutions have transport services for staff and students. At times it becomes confusing to keep up with all the details. Besides that, parents also expect security & safety for their wards if they use school/college transportation. Education ERP systems such as Academia provide a unique Transportation Module. All the details, such as route information, vehicle number, driver’s information, etc. can be saved and shared with parents. Some ERP also provides GPS tracking systems to locate the real-time positions of vehicles. It makes it easier for staff to keep track of transportation data, ensuring students’ safety.

Enhanced Communication

What if you could expand student inquiry management beyond campus without any workforce? What if you could save the time from handling 24X7 hr questions from prospective students? Wouldn’t that be more productive?

Education ERP software boosts student-institute connectivity and makes it possible even beyond the classroom. With AI-chatbot, prospective students can resolve their queries via the online platform. Existing students can connect with teachers via a mobile app and portal in which teachers can upload the assignments and share that with students. Students can submit the complete assignments online via the student portal. This increases the interaction between teachers and their pupils.

Detailed Report & Analytics

Campus ERP assists educators to organize the reporting system in day to day activities. The integration of the smart analytics system helps staff to generate reports in an error-free and seamless manner. As a centralized student database system, it is very convenient to gather data from other departments and create reports within seconds — no need to do data entry for hours. The reporting system with ERP provides visual aids with different charts & bar graphs, which helps education leaders faster analysis and data-informed decision-making.


The educational institutions can forget about the hassles of maintaining stacks of paperwork and have everything ready within a few the click of a button.

Educational ERP system implementation can enhance productivity and response time by manifolds. Whether it be an activity involving a single department or a cross-functional procedure, it reduces the human efforts and the lead time. Finally and most importantly, it leaves you with time and energy to focus on the aspect that requires the most attention — ‘Education.’

The world has taken a step towards accepting technology in areas as fundamental as education. It is high time you do it too!

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This story was originally published in https://www.academiaerp.com/blog/erp-in-education/



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